Answering the Opposition- Responses to the Most Frequently Raised Discernment Objections

Here is a great article about the importance of being discerning. Michelle Lesley answers objections that some women have brought up regarding ‘speaking out against false teachers’, and uses Scripture to support her stance.
I think she is spot on!
As always, be a Berean and test if everything you read lines up with His Word.

Michelle Lesley

Discernment objections

Discernment- it’s a dirty job, but somebody’s gotta do it. While I’m a women’s discipleship blogger rather than a discernment blogger, discernment is part of discipleship. And it’s sorely lacking among Christian women today, which is why it’s regularly featured in my writing.

I’ve been very encouraged by the hundreds of e-mails, messages, and comments I’ve received from women who have turned away from false teachers or helped their loved ones and churches to forsake false doctrine because of something I have written. (I claim absolutely no credit for that. God and His word get all the glory. He is the one who changes hearts, not me.) It’s such a blessing to hear from so many women who are actively pursuing Christ and the truth of His word.

Unfortunately, there are also occasional comments and messages from women who are disciples of the false teachers I warn against, who take…

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